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Australia Bushfires

Devasted upon hearing about the ongoing fires in Australia while sitting on the other side of the world feeling hopeless and helpless, I started doodling.

It's hard not to feel despondent when hearing this kind of news. At the same time, these last few days my feed has been flooded with news of people coming together and finding ways to help - whether that be by knitting pouches and socks for the affected animals, people starting an amazing array of fundraisers in their own communities, artists selling their works with 100% of the proceeds going to non-profits dedicated to supporting wildlife, firefighters, and evacuees, etc.


If you are looking for ways to help I found this article with

a ton of helpful links and resources


I would like to use this space (on my Facebook post) to link in the comments places people can donate, ways you can help, or link yours and/or your friends' cool fundraisers/innovative fundraisers you've come across. Anything helps.


As an added THANK YOU, if you've done your part in helping (whether that's donating time, funds, or even spreading the word) and you like this illustration, I've made this print available to download* for free to print + frame yourself or use as your wallpaper on your phone/desktop.

* Illustration may be used for personal use only.

Do not reproduce or redistribute

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